Introduction of Chitsaz Engineering Group

Chitsaz Engineering Group including a collection of experts and experienced engineers in the fields of Civil , Architecture , Electrical and Mechanic has several and brilliant activity more than two decades of experience and record in execution of construction industry up to this date.

‏Services description of chitsaz engineering group ‏

Chitsaz Engineering Group acts in the field of Construction , Design , Consultation , Supervision , Execution , Reconstruction and Participation in Sale and Construction on Residential , Administrative , Commercial , Classic and Modern Luxury Projects.

Such outstanding projects

Milad Project

Hezar o Yekshab Project

Saib Tabrizi Project

Paliz Project

Why Chitsaz Engineering Group?

With more than two decades of experience and record of brilliant executive work and by benefiting the latest method and updating technology in Construction Industry and with experienced and committed staff in combination with beautiful art of architecture and engineering sciences related to the construction industry , Chitsaz Engineering Group is one of the most famous and authoritative construction industry groups which has designed and established the several and unique luxury and modern buildings with high quality , so for this reason , it can attract the agreeable reliance and confidence of the employers and customers.

Chitsaz Engineering Group

Chitsaz Engineering Group

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